Published On: Mon, Jun 19th, 2017

WATCH: CCTV clip of politician trying to take a selfie goes viral after THIS happens

Roman Gotsiridze, 61, is a Georgian economist and politician, and he was filmed in the parliament earlier this month.

The clip shows Roman sitting alone in a red chair looking at his phone.

At first it is not clear what he is looking at, but then he turns the phone slowly.

His face looms into view on the screen, and it becomes obviously he is attempting to take a selfie.

Unfortunately for him, this is not the correct way to take such a picture, and he should have kept the phone facing him and used the front camera.

As the clip ends, Roman can be seen tentatively smiling and trying to press the button to take the picture – which is difficult as he can’t see it.

The clip has gone viral on Imgur, with over 560,000 views.

Commenters love the politician’s technology fail, and one wrote: “Look at his little smile though. Aww.”

Another said: “I appreciate his technologically clueless older man effort.”

One commented: “He’s trying so hard, how cute”.

But others thought he was not making a mistake, and had turned the phone around on purpose.

One said: “I’m pretty sure he’s taking a panoramic photo.”

And one wrote: “In his defence, the rear facing cameras are still way way better for some reason. Damn phone manufacturers.”

The clip of the politician suffering a selfie fail has gone viral as a video of a bikini babe suffering a painful mishap also swept the web.

The young lady, clad in a black bikini, prepared to perform a stunt in the video, posted to Youtube. 

She made a huge song and dance of the move she was about to perform – but then disaster struck.

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